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If you have arrived here you are probably looking for information or services related to social development and sexuality among teens and adults with significant intellectual or learning disabilities. Perhaps you are the parent of a preteen who receives special educational services. Perhaps you are the sister or brother of an adult with an intellectual disability who has never been well educated about his or her sexual rights and responsibilities. Perhaps you are a college or graduate student who will be teaching in a resource room of a high school that does not address sexuality education for the students you will see daily. Whoever you are, I am glad you found this site.

For more than 25 years I have been assisting teens and adults with intellectual disabilities and the families, schools, agencies, state governments, law enforcement, and courts that support them, to untangle the confusing web of facts, fears myths, laws and unique learning strategies that surround social development and responsible expression of sexuality in our culture for individuals with intellectual disabilities and unique learning styles.

The Facts of Life...and More

Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Edited by Leslie Walker-Hirsch, M.Ed., FAAMR

Making good decisions about sexuality is a critical part of adulthood, but sometimes people with intellectual disabilities don't get the support or education they need to navigate this complex aspect of life.

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